Jumpstart your Pinterest Course (Leveraging Pinterest As the Ultimate Traffic Source To Your Site)

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With constant algorithm changes, search engine updates and more…NOW is the time to diversify traffic and income…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Maybe you’ve neglected Pinterest out of frustration or lack of growth…
  • Maybe your growth has stagnated…
  • Maybe you can’t keep up with the constant algorithm changes so you aren’t really sure WHAT works anymore…AND you’re tired of listening to advice from a ton of others who have no data to back up their strategies
  • Maybe you’ve taken courses, read advice in groups and listened to podcasts but ultimately…you don’t know what strategy to implement for YOUR account and YOUR audience
  • Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes on your account…
  • Maybe you have someone running your account but you aren’t sure if they are following best practices or they need a bit of help with your strategy…

Why purchase from me?

As an experienced online business manager and social media strategist, I have seen fads come and go when it comes to marketing. I never suggest clients spend time on things that aren’t going to grow their business or will not have a great ROI. I have managed Pinterest accounts for clients, full-time for 7+ years so I know what it takes to put together a strategy that works.

We are one of the most experienced companies when it comes to digital marketing & Pinterest management. We’ve tested our strategies, we know what works and we are confident that we are the best company to create and manage your Pinterest account. Our strategies are based on data, and years of managing successful client accounts. We can tell you what works best for your account. We don’t believe that there is a one size fits all Pinterest strategy.

Each account is different and we put in the work it takes to make sure the strategy implemented on your account provides optimal results.

Simply put: we have the results to back up our strategy.

What others are saying about our Pinterest course:


“I learned a lot of Pinterest tips from your group and my traffic wouldn’t be nearly where it is currently if not for all the great advice I got. So I’m confident in the value of this course as well.”

A sample of our results:


Announcing….Jumpstart your Pinterest Course (Leveraging Pinterest As the Ultimate Traffic Source To Your Site)🎉🎉🎉🎉

If you’re ready to grow your Pinterest, learn the latest strategies, and diversify your traffic sources, this is for you.

What You Get:

The ultimate course on how to grow your Pinterest account

Taught by Allison Lancaster, Pinterest Expert with experience growing thousands of Pinterest accounts over the last 8+ years. ($997 value)


Course Lessons & Content:


New/Updated Material (available 4/15/24):

  • NEW 10 Video Slideshow Pin Templates ($97 value)
  • NEW 15 Static Pin Templates ($29 value)
  • NEW Lesson on Scheduling Pins & Strategy ON Pinterest ($49 Value)
  • NEW Lesson on Scheduling Pins & Strategy using CoSchedule ($49 Value)
  • NEW Content Planner (What to Pin & When – Seasonally Focused)  ($79 Value)
  • NEW Pin Organizer Spreadsheet Template & Mini Course on How to Use This  ($49 Value)
  • NEW How to use Later to Schedule to Pinterest ($79 value)
  • UPDATED Video Pin Mini-Course

Bonus Material:

  • 25 graphics templates that will work for all niches ($49 value) 
  • Video (formerly idea) pin mini-course ($79 value) 
  • Tailwind Masterclass on scheduling & pinning ($247 value)
  • Unlimited Support from Allison via direct support inbox

How it Works:

You will receive immediate access to the course & bonus videos upon purchase in your account page (


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