How to Create Video (Formerly Idea) Pins in Canva & Upload as a Video Pin in Under 5 Minutes!

Frustrated with the fact you can only create video (formerly Idea) pins using one slide now in Pinterest? More and more of you are seeing this change on your profiles. In today’s post I show you a quick trick to creating them in Canva in under 5 minutes … no long video filming, AND you have the ability to upload it as 2 types of content to Pinterest.

Are you feeling the frustration bubbling up due to the recent shift in Pinterest’s video pin creation process? The days of crafting multi-slide video pins seem to have faded into the past, leaving many creators and marketers in a lurch. If you’ve been grappling with the limitations of the new system, don’t worry!

I’m about to unveil a nifty trick that not only lets you create dynamic multi-slide video pins but also lets you do so quicking using my favorite design tool – Canva. And yes, you heard it right – all in under 5 minutes!

How to Create a Video Pin in Canva

  1. Log in and Select a Template: First, log in to your Canva account. Once there, select the template titled “Pinterest Idea Pin” to ensure your creation aligns perfectly with Pinterest’s current specifications.
  2. Design Your Slides: Unleash your creativity on Canva! Each slide is an opportunity to tell a part of your story. Incorporate captivating visuals, engaging text, and even playful animations to hold your audience’s attention. Pro tip: Simple designs are best for this type of content.
  3. Transition Perfection: Canva’s array of transition effects will add the flair you need for fun and seamless flow between your slides. Experiment with options like fades, slides, and dissolves to create that extra spark. I wouldn’t make the animation too overwhelming though as it can be frustrating for readers/viewers.
  4. Save and Export: With your multi-slide masterpiece ready, it’s time to save and export your creation. Canva allows you to download your project in video format, ensuring it’s ready for Pinterest.

Watch how to create a video pin in Canva in under 5 minutes:

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